July 14, 2010

Our Continuing Like Affair With D.M. Cornish

Book III of the Monster Blood Tattoo series is coming! And the very awesome D.M. is being chatted at today at The Enchanted Inkpot.

AND, they have the lovely book jacket for book 3. It's pretty, but I want to see what Australia and the UK are getting before I decide which I like best.

If you're having trouble waiting for the release date, reread our 2008 WBBT interview, which includes, of course, reviews of the first two books.

MEANWHILE, speaking of affairs, my girl Kelly is apparently ...um... talking to the Old Spice Guy. And he talked back.

Seriously: there are some things in this world that only happen to Kelly Fineman. Remember what I said about walking through the ALA Exhibit Hall with her???? The girl knows everybody.


Monica Edinger said...

I was planning to stay quiet about this, but...I got the ARC yesterday (at Penguin's summer preview), so SQUEE!!!

tanita✿davis said...

:falls down and dies of squee-induced envy:

Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh, envious here too!! I used to be on Penguin's e-mail list but haven't heard from them in a while. Perhaps I should send them a note and see what happens...

Anonymous said...

I developed such a crush on him after your BBT interview, *whispers* but I still have to read his books. *hangs head*

Also, I do not actually know the Old Spice Guy. But boy did I score massive points with my kids for that!