July 30, 2010

It's HUGE! And Other Stuff.

I've already got another small backlog of book writeups to post, but because I'm slowly drowning in a quicksand-like mire of article writing (reasonably lucrative, but also brain-draining and time-consuming), I've not written anything up yet, nor have I even had time to set up my NEW COMPUTER (over there on the right), which, as you can see from the scale of my rolltop desk that it's sitting on, is friggin' humongazoid. But purty. I anticipate spending a fair amount of time on this page in the coming weeks.

Anyway, I did accumulate a few links to share, a few of which I just ran across this morning, like poetry review blog The Great American Pinup by a local poet in my general geographic area. And this fun whirlwind tour of Comic-Con by Alert Nerd (and former co-worker, fellow Mills alum, and author of One Con Glory) Sarah Kuhn.

Can I just say I'm also sad to be missing SCBWI in LA right now? So close and yet so far, when you're trying to save your dough for Kidlitcon 2010. I'm comforting myself (vicariously) with tweets from the floor and great posts like Lee Wind's interview with keynote speaker M.T. Anderson, who we interviewed here a little while ago.

Another thing I sadly don't have time for at this moment is reading all the great posts in this month's Carnival of Children's Literature, which also includes Tanita's roundup of her ALA experience. So many conferences, so little money! The life of a starving artist. Well, okay, I'm not exactly starving, and I'm actually extremely fortunate and get to go a lot of places, but someday I will also have a CONFERENCE FUND. Sigh...

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Camille said...

A Conference Fund...now that is an idea. Have also been trying to save up for KidLitCon but just received news of the godson's confirmation at approx. same time. Must ponder the schedule. And the $$. And the locales. It is always something.