July 16, 2010

Oh, how I love Tor.com

His hand was cool and damp, with the limp, rubbery texture of a corpse. I don’t know what it is about people who work with the dead, but every one I’d met in my fifteen years came to resemble their clients after a few years on the job. I didn’t shudder as I shook hands, didn’t pull back in revulsion. I kept smiling, and I think it surprised him. “Nice to meet you, Dr. Morgan. I’m Lia Thantos, the new summer intern.”

This is the funniest YA summer-mortuary-intern story, by Cathy Clamp. (You didn't realize there were so many funny YA summer-mortuary-intern stories from which to choose, did you? Neither did I.) Fare Thee Well is a standalone in a universe in which I hope Clamp keeps writing. The story is cute with an unexpected twist, and will make you laugh.



Sarah Stevenson said...

Free stuff! Oh why do you taunt me with goodies when I'm supposed to be working??

tanita✿davis said...

...it'll be here when you get back.