July 15, 2010

The problem is, I kinda think Converse is like unto Evil.

I'm seriously afraid that the whole Converse/Chuck Taylor thing is made up of sweastshops and the blood of the underaged innocent (they're owned by Nike, and...), so I never wear real Chucks - my ancient fake *Payless ones work just fine.

But these shoes.

These shoes.

They tempt me.

Obviously, I need to rock the Nancy Werlin Zazzle thing, and do my own bookish shoes. Or somehow trick Leila into making some for me. (Have you seen that chick's sewing? She can somehow make Bookish Anything.)

But, are these not the coolest things? And people, they have Thing 1 and Thing 2 baby shoes. You know I have two nephews. Seriously: they are the Thingiest Thing 1 and Thing 2 ever. My babies need those shoes. But, alas, only if Auntie gets up off her tuchus and creates them, and only from Zazzle.

Ah, summer. Are you guys all happily reading out there? Or are you just melted -- whether from heat, or from the monsoons? Hope you're enjoying...

Hat tip to the fabbity Miss Kathleen, whose weekly Librarian Roundups on mental_floss just make my Thursday.

And yes: I know that the shoes that I wear may still be made with labor that is questionable. I guess it's a matter of conscious choices outweighing things I don't know.


Sarah Stevenson said...

Sooo cute! And yes, you can get lost in wondering whether product X or Y was made in a sweatshop or not. I can't help wondering if any garment-related factories AREN'T sweatshops. In which case I'll have to sew all my own clothes. (Which means I'm in trouble, since the one thing I sew well is curtains.)

LTM said...

those really are cool... But I also haven't bought converse since Nike bought converse. :o|

Sarah Stevenson said...

Ditto to LTM--Nike purchasing Converse was like a blow to the gut.

tanita✿davis said...

...I think what depresses me most is that we all know Nike sucks. Does this change them? No, it does not.