May 17, 2009

This Week in Booklit News

There's something amazing about getting books to be a part of the collective national conversation. Far from being something that only so-called "intellectuals" can get into, books are a gateway into all kinds of topics and places for anyone, and suddenly, they're being mentioned everywhere. It's kind of cool that books -- and reading -- are fast becoming "cool" again. (Of course, for some it's not as if they were ever uncool to begin with!)

Two fun bookish things have been happening in the blogosphere this week: one, Guys Lit Wire's Book Fair for Boys, in partnership with InsideOut, has been opening the door for generous people to donate books to incarcerated guys. What began as a wish to more fully commit ourselves to our intention to promote reading for guys turned into a project that has given us faith in people and hope for a small corner of light in a dark world. The opportunity to donate books continues all through next week.

The second fun thing is that MotherReader has announced the dates for the 48 Hour Reading Challenge, and is talking about prizes and other fun stuff.

Finally, the Summer Blog Blast Tour might have sneaked up on you, but not Chasing Ray. Find the full week's schedule here.

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