May 15, 2009

Ooh - new nonfiction:

Yanked directly from Cynsations:

Congratulations to Nancy Thalia Reynolds on the release of Mixed Heritage in Young Adult Literature (Scarecrow, 2009)! From the promotional copy: "Mixed-heritage people are one of the fastest-growing groups in the United States, yet culturally they have been largely invisible, especially in young adult literature. Mixed Heritage in Young Adult Literature is a critical exploration of how mixed-heritage characters (those of mixed race, ethnicity, religion, and/or adoption) and real-life people have been portrayed in young adult fiction and nonfiction."

Hello, new book I dearly want to read.
Check out the rest of Cynthia's post to find out how to win a copy of The Chosen One. (Thanks, Cyn.)

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Wow, sounds great! Sounds like something I wish I'd written. :)