May 18, 2009

Summer Blog Blast Tour 2009 Kicks Off!

There's a crop of excellent interviews kicking off this year's Summer Blog Blast Tour--tune in here tomorrow for our conversation with Sherri Winston, author of the funny, feminist, and fun novel The Kayla Chronicles. Int he meantime, check out today's bunch:

Andrew Mueller at Chasing Ray
Kekla Magoon at Fuse #8
Carrie Jones at Writing & Ruminating
Amber Benson at Bildungsroman
Greg van Eekhout at Shaken & Stirred

And now, for the links. Firstly, I heard a really interesting piece today on NPR's Marketplace about a company called Scribd, which is aiming to start selling e-books at a price set by writers and publishers--who then get to keep 80% of the profits. Go check it out. It made me stop and consider--both as a writer and as a reader--what this might mean for the future of books, the future of reading and of writing careers. As long as people keep reading, I'd say that's great, but I think writers need to make a living too...

Secondly, a couple of great articles about writing I encountered over the past, oh, month or so (YES, I'm behind on posting links. Doh!). Both of these come via our good blog bud Robin Brande. Some time ago she twittered an article about knowing when to quit as a writer--when you're questioning your dream, and you don't know if you should try to keep going or just give up and become, say, a happy-go-lucky forklift operator. Assuming you've decided to stay the course, you might want to check out this piece about How to Survive Your Publishing Career, complete with brutal wake-up calls and, yes, that ubiquitous kernel of hope they taught us about repeatedly in our YA writing classes.

Though I have more stuff to post, I'll leave it at that for now, and just ask you all to stop by for our SBBT interview tomorrow, and to go check out the other fabulous interviews.

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