January 22, 2008

What is the sound of two pencils snapping?

Can't hear anything?
There's a reason for that. This is the sound of Women at Work.
It's a bit quiet 'round here this week.

Well, if you manage to get your head up, don't miss this month's Edge of the Forest, starring The Class of 2k8, and the usual happy melange of book reviews, interviews, and more worthwhile news in children's literature.

Okay, we've all joked about the Cassie Edwards thing, and even had a very fine Toon Thursday about it. NPR even got into the act -- twice. But did you realize that all the publicity has actually helped the ferrets? Romance readers/writers = good people. They raised $5,032.75 to further the romantic lives of ferrets and all animals. That's some serious money, peeps. I will never mock romance novels again. (Until next time.)

Writers: Don't miss some great contest ideas for this month! UK based Writer's Magazine sponsors an annual writing for children competition. The theme for March is bullying, and details will be updated on their website closer to the date.

Another UK gem is The Belmont Poetry Prize, whose contest has children as the judges. Details here.

Finally, I know a. fortis will get a kick out of this one -- a contest for children's stories set in Wales. The Alexander Cordell Literature Competition is looking for children's short story set during the Industrial Revolution in "Cordell Country." Never heard of Alexander Cordell? Find out more about himhere, and good luck!

Happy cold/wet/rainy/sleety/where's Spring?!/ weather to you!


Sarah Stevenson said...

Veeery interesting...especially if I knew ANYTHING about life during the Industrial Revolution in Wales...I think I've read one short literary piece about it.

Oh. And yay for the ferrets! That's awesome.

Little Willow said...

Romeo and Julferret...