January 12, 2008

Book Lists, Book Bling, and Book Auctions

I'm doing a quick post tonight because I'm not sure I'll be home long enough tomorrow to get to blog at all, let alone write. So, here are a few quick picks for your Sunday:

Little Willow has put together another great booklist--stories told in diary entries, sketchbooks, blogs or other journal forms. Or, if diaries aren't your cup of tea, LW's also put up a list of Shakespeare Spinoffs. Happy reading!

Book bling! As if the Cybils weren't enough, the Newbery and Caldecott Awards are coming up, too. Check out Fuse #8's Predict-o-Rama, complete with her picks of what will win, should win, and won't win; along with the at-times-fiery discussion in the comments below.

Last but not least, our good bud Robin Brande--well, her book, anyway--is featured in a benefit auction for the nonprofit group Kids Need to Read, founded by author PJ Haarsma and tasty actor Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame. Hey, according to IMDB trivia his parents were English teachers, so clearly he's not just a pretty face for the cause. Anyway, if you have some spare holiday money rattling around, why not bid? You'll get goodies like an autographed manuscript page...and coffee...who doesn't like free coffee? I guess if you don't like coffee, then that's not really a selling point, but you like literacy, right? I knew you did.

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