January 06, 2008

Sunday Evening Stew

Today I've got a veritable plethora, a potpourri, if you will, of links for your enjoyment. Yes, I've been saving them up--as part of my attempt to keep my blogging under control and stress-free, I'm limiting my blogging to a couple of times a week. I hope that I'll get more writing done as a result, as well as more blogging--when I feel like I've been neglecting FW and RR, I start to stress out, and the more behind I get, the more I have a tendency to go "YIKES!" and run away from the computer. Anyway.

Over on my personal blog I was left a comment by a blogger with a really interesting site called Shaping Youth, which is a "forum about media and marketing's influence on kids." The blog's founder focuses on topics like Body Image, Emerging Trends, Vapid Values, and a host of others, and there's also a great list of links pertaining to youth, education, and media.

2008's inaugural issue of Readergirlz is up, with info on Hattie Big Sky and Girl Overboard (including the Go Overboard Challenge Grant for youth-led ideas to change the world), as well as a big welcome to our blog bud Mitali Perkins, who is the newest Readergirlz diva. Congrats, Mitali!

I was super excited to see the Cybils nominations panel for Graphic Novels narrow down all of the fantastic nominees to two short lists of five finalists each--be sure to check the Cybils blog tomorrow for the announcement. The Cybils got a great plug from the folks over at the Kids' Comics Blog, which is a publication of RAW Junior/Toon Books. Graphic Novels in particular (and yours truly, yikes!) got plugged by Diamond Comic Distributors, who did a great job of putting a list of nominees together with ordering info for schools and libraries. Now we just have to wait for the finalists to be posted tomorrow, and the big announcement on V-Day!


Little Willow said...

Kudos for Shaping Youth.
Thanks for mentioning readergirlz!

tanita✿davis said...

Vapid Values - hee!
Sounds like it should be an award, doesn't it? "And the Vapid Values this week goes to ..."

mbpbooks said...

Thank you so much! I'm SO excited about readergirlz, and all "oh, shucks, me?" about being asked to be a Diva, but they're putting me right to work helping to arrange Sarah Dessen's feature for the March 2008 issue. Fun!

Shaping Youth said...

Well it's no secret that Shaping Youth is a HUGE fan of readergirlz, as we've highlighted them a few times and are about to do it again...But I'm also VERY excited to "find wonderland" via THIS blog! Do you participate on 'JacketFlap' for social media too?

I'm going to feature them soon too, (it's in my queue) but since Jan. is sort of the 'body image/fitness' resolution month, first I'll highlight an outspoken celeb championing change in the teen plastic surgery arena on People Shaping Youth. (see her blog: 'beauty and the breast') as well as Connie over at bodypositive.org, and a few other along these lines.

Welcome, Mitali, to the diva-izm...can't wait to hear/read more. And tadmack, yes, 'vapid values and damaging drek' are my two favorite categories on our blog right now.

We're about to overhaul and consolidate to make it easier to find stuff, but those two are STAYIN'!!!

Thanks for the driveby...y'all come back now, ya hear? ;-) ("name that media!")