March 26, 2007

Blog Roundup for Monday

I've been sick and haven't posted for a bit, so this offering is simply a roundup of all the great blog posts I caught up on today--no original thought, sorry (the brain's not quite back to normal speed yet). Firstly, and most-egregiously-late-ly, Bruce at Wordswimmer recently posted an excellent interview with Lois Lowry on her writing process. It's always interesting to hear how other writers cope with the ups and downs of their craft, and this is no exception. And now on to more recent blog posts of interest--and thanks to all of y'all for providing comfort to the sick and sniffling.

Firstly, congrats to Fuse #8, Chicken Spaghetti, Bildungsroman, and a few of our other favorite YA/kidlit blogs for being nominated for the Litty Awards at Book Chronicle. Good luck, guys! (Link via Fuse #8.)

Speaking of Fuse #8, there have been a number of great posts over there the past few days--a few of my favorites:

Via the YALSA blog comes news of yet another social networking site, called Virb, as well as news about librarians, teens, and developers creating a virtual library at Second Life. (And if you're ever at Second Life, you can look for me as Aquafortis Swot, though chances are pretty good I won't be online...)

Some great stuff on Jen Robinson's Book Page: Jen will be hosting the 13th Blog Carnival of Children's Literature on April 21st. If you're wondering what a blog carnival is, she suggests visiting Chicken Spaghetti's great post on the subject. There's also a great post, and ensuing discussion, about the compelling nature of post-apocalyptic stories.

Booklists on Bildungsroman: I Am a Dancer contains fiction for children and teens about dancers, and But I DO Want to Be Famous! is a booklist about characters who yearn for the limelight.

Happy blog-haunting! Hope nobody else is nursing a cold (let alone your third bout of crud in two months).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links! I'm just catching up myself, after a few days away (but happily my days away weren't because of illness). Hope that you're feeling fully recovered!

Little Willow said...

Thank you for linking to my blog and booklists!

Sarah Stevenson said...

No problem! Finally I'm feeling better, but allergies and illnesses are really kicking my butt this year.