March 15, 2007

Short Stops

I was scanning the March/April edition of the SCBWI Bulletin this morning, and found that SCBWI columnist and PR person Susan Saltzman Raab had helpfully blurbed the Cybils on the back cover. (Raab is also the inventor of Reviewer's Checklist, a service which is designed to promote children's, teen and parenting books to a broad range of media. If you're serious about wanting to be a reviewer, definitely check it out.) She encourages people to read and nominate more graphic novels, and I know the graphics people are looking forward to that. (And don't forget, people: the 2008 Nominations are Now Open...)

And speaking of manga, via ChickenSpaghetti, palindromic librarian bloggerTangognaT is celebrating four years of blogging and giving away mucho manga! Congratulations, TangognaT!

It's a comic book kind of day. Buffy Returns! Available in bookstores yesterday, this Dark Horse Comics production of Season 8 of the popular girl-battles-vampire-with-good-one-liners is TODAY in its second printing! As always, Buffy kicks buns!

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