March 13, 2007

Hitting the Ground Running...

Just a quick fly-by to say:

First -- you MUST check out the Canadian Library Awards for this year. You'll know my favorite title when you see it. (ViaBookshelves of Doom.)
Second -- head on over to the Cybils page for a great interview with Laura Amy Schlitz, author of the very funny and sad A Drowned Maiden's Hair.

...and finally, here's a new thought: what if writers wrote books, got movie rights, and then took in some of the loot from the FILM as their pay? Via Bookshelves of Doom, a really interesting discussion of rights and privileges of our own creative work. Phillip Pullman's recent giveaway, and a recent discussion of other sci-fi authors' successes and failures in dealing with movie rights make this a timely discussion. Those authors who buck the trend have to be really big in order to make this work (trust me -- agents and publishers are NOT interested in hearing about what rights you'd like to keep on your first book. TRUST me). Cheers to them for breaking ground for the rest of us.

...and now, to work.

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