March 01, 2007

Callooh! Callay! Behold the Day!

Head on over to Seussville and be sure and send Le Chat dans Le Chapeau a 50th Birthday card. As of today, 379,707 have already been sent, and for every card sent, Random House Children's Books will donate one book to First Book, giving children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books. If you're from a reading family, you may not remember your first book, since you gummed it along with the other ones. I remember my first Seuss "I Can Read It Myself" books - and I hope to give that joy to someone else.

Anyway, everyone wants to party with the Cat (Via Lisa Yee), even ol' Bob.

Oh no. Speaking of first books... remember those awful ones that just inserted your name in some generic storyline? They're baaaack. Okay, not really. But ...still! (Thanks to Bookshelves O' Doom for the hysterical snorting laughter.) Also, YouTube + Kids + Books = fun. Don't miss kids rambling on about their favorite books. (Thanks, Book Moot)

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