March 09, 2007

Line Drawing+Stories=Fabulous

With themes as diverse as the artwork itself, Twice Told: Original Stories Inspired By Original Artwork is a creative curiosity. Authors are paired up with paintings, and what each one takes away from the simple charcoal drawing is always a surprise. Each story touches a common experience -- resentments, loves, joys, fears and hatreds. These eighteen original short stories include popular YA authors such as Sarah Dessen, William Sleator, Ron Koertge, John Green, and others.

Art is always something somewhat subjective, and readers will find themselves studying the artwork for links to what the 'real' story might be. The links between the stories and the pictures will keep readers reading, and though they may not care for everyone's interpretation, it's the kind of project that encourages teens to try it themselves.

Well worth reading!

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Anonymous said...

Neat! Kind of reminds me of something........