February 14, 2007


Feel the love!
It's March of the Librarians, a goofy little valentine for the bookish amongst us, inspired by the mystical and deep March of the Penguins. Happy V-Day (0r, as a friend greeted me this morning, "Happy VD!"), to all of the writers of the books we love, and to all of the librarians who make libraries a great place to visit.

A love letter to prose comes from New York, where writer Emily Rubin will be doing readings while people sort their lights and darks. A laundromat seems to be the 'natural element' of readings, Rubin says. So very New York.

Even graphic novels are feeling the love today. While the phrase 'graphic novel' seems cutting edge and, well, edgy (even the fricative consonants sound like graphite and tree bark), this latest one profiled in the Guardian is all about... a Fluffy bunny. No, seriously.

And at last, at LAST! From the Cybils Committee comes the little love letter to David Levithan and Rachel Cohn we've all been waiting for. Happy Valentine's Day to the Ultimate Urban Fairytale, the fast-paced, foul-mouthed first-true-love story called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, winner of the 2006 Cybils Award in YA Fiction (If you're wondering how the story can be all of those things at once? Read it). Check out the rest of the winners online, and cheers to everyone who played along at home. Though challenging to be sure, this whole experience has been great fun!


DaviMack said...

Gobsmacked that it won. Kind of like having Dubya as president.

Jen Robinson said...

It is nice that the finalist that was a love story won, on Valentine's Day. Purely a coincidence of course, but nice. Thanks for picking such an awesome shortlist of books!

TadMack said...

It was still SUCH a hard choice. There were SO many good choices... too many...