February 12, 2007

Odd Lots

Tick... tick... time is counting down for the Cybils; stay tuned for the winners to be announced on Wednesday, February 14th!

I have to admit that I'm becoming somewhat of a picture book fan (which may be a bit odd for a YA person, but I do odd pretty well). Though the refrain for years has been that the picture book market is all but gone, critical acclaim for works such as Caldecott winner Flotsam, the rise of graphic novels and avid interest in manga may be turning that around. Into that hopefulness enters fabulous illustrator Brian Selznick with another unique and interesting book. NPR reports on the beautifully cinematic The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and reveals the inspiration behind it as silent film genius George Méliès. Selznick is an avid researcher and a history buff, and it shows in his fascinating work.

Meanwhile, the Guardian is just a tad bit snide about this latest round of Harry Potter and the Dratted Publicity. Hee! Admittedly, though, it is a bit much that a BOOK has been written about the final book - before the final book has been read. Huh?

The ALA's adult-books-for-teens list has some intriguing titles, and since adults read YA, the cross-over now is moving the other direction.

Intriguing question of the day is on gifts - when do you give your agent or editor a gift? I just got lovely handmade stationery from my agent as a sort of 'hurrah!' for closing a deal. Do I reciprocate, or just send the ubiquitous 'thanks-and-good-wishes' note? Where's Miss Manners when you need her!?


Sarah Stevenson said...

I'm definitely interested in that Adult-Books-for-Teens list! I'll have to make another library trip soon...

Don't know what to tell you about the agent, dear (in best Miss Manners voice). It does seem that some kind of reciprocation is in order.

Homemade cookies. HA!!!

tanita✿davis said...

I have asked tons of people their opinion, and it goes back and forth... They said to give HIM something that ties in with the book, and I suppose I could make him some recipe cards... but NO! I think there's been enough nonsense, seriously!