February 08, 2007

G I V E A W A Y * C O N T E S T

You know you have to focus when someone says BOOK giveaway!

It's time once again for the The Best Chronicle Children's Books of the Year Contest. You have read many of the books already -- many of them are Publisher's Weekly Starred books, and several were nominated for the Cybils Picture Book Award, so they'll be very familiar. The great thing about this contest is a chance to simply have great books -- just for entering their drawing!
How do you enter?

* Click on the e-mail link below.
* Write Best Books in the subject line of your e-mail. If you are not already a subscriber to the Chroniclekids monthly e-mail bookblast, you will be signed up automatically.
* You will be entered automatically. Winners will be notified by March 15th!

Enter now! Send an e-mail to Kids@ChronicleBooks.com

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a. fortis said...

Ah! You got to this before I did. Good for you--I'm still lagging behind on posting this week.