December 08, 2006

The Twelve Days of Whining

Ah, 'tis yet again the season:

The joy continues tonight with both sibs in elementary/junior high holiday programs, tomorrow night a benefit concert at the nonprofit early childhood center for which I volunteer, the morning of the 19th is the brunch and concert for the adult chorale, and the 21st is the concert date for the smallest kids to sing out of key and ring triangles and jingle bells for their parents' camcorders. My fellow Cybil-ites can be sure that I'll be lugging along a book bag to each and every one of these concerts -- except to the one I'm singing in -- theoretically -- and eventually I'll get in the spirit, perhaps put up a few decorations... eventually...
I'm just not yet in the mood for all of this! But, the holidaze continue, whether you're in the mood or not. At least it is raining and I am eschewing the dubious joys of the mall for making my UPS guy work that much harder... One of the funniest things about the Cybils is the daily book drops via UPS and FedEx. The guys are looking at me like I'm crazy. "What are you ordering?!" one of them asked me the other day.
They will be crushed to know that I have not yet begun to shop... heh heh.

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