December 15, 2006


This book is a 2006 Cybil Award Nominee for YA Fiction,

"I'm telling you this because you didn't ask. I've got it all here, growing like a tumor in my throat. I'm telling you because if I don't, I will choke on it. Everybody knows what happened, but nobody asks."
Donnie has a story to tell, and from the first chapter you know it's not as easy one to hear. The phrases he uses are so evocative, so compelling, that you are forced by his desperateness to listen to him, whether you want to hear him or not. Skin, by Adrienne Maria Vrettos is a novel about being strangled, slowly, by someone you love. Anorexia is the culprit, and as all eyes turn to it, and a loved one disappears, often, so do the ones who love.

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