December 06, 2006

Sister & SideKick

This book is a 2006 Cybil Award Nominee for YA Fiction.

Jessica just wants life to be somewhat... normal. But normal's just not in the cards. Her Dad's hiding in the garage, her Mom's getting tension lines on her face from being polite when she'd rather scream, and her sister, Eva, has just turned a walk-on role in a sitcom into a full-time job, and the whole family has moved -- from Anaheim to ritzy Beverly Hills.

Eva is driven and determined to get what she wants -- but nobody's really sure what that is anymore, least of all Jess. Eva's always "on," turning heads and flashing great smiles -- and trying to wind Mom around her little finger. All Eva wants right now is the chance to audition for a fabulous movie that's a bit more grown-up than the sitcoms she's been doing. All Jess wants is for her best friend, Leo to at least email her, for her family to go back to normal, and for her sister to be happy.

Happy's just not in the cards, either, though. Someone is totally promoting the most wicked smear campaign against Eva. There are awful stories circulating about her in the gossip columns, and they get worse every week. Jessica is desperate to know who is doing it, and why. She turns super-sleuth to try to help her sister -- but her clumsiness gets in the way. Jess is determined to help her sister fend off her co-stars, and maybe find her place in the new Hollywood circle -- somehow.

A lightweight, quick-paced read that leaves a few edges dangling to help launch it into its sequel, The Hollywood Sisters: Backstage Pass is just the first in a series which has a lot of room to grow.

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