August 24, 2006

Magic, Murder and Tangled Plotlines

Nola is only 17, and already she and her mother have had to run away a couple of times because of her particular Talent. Nola isn't much of a witch, but her power and her Mother's uncanny sense of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time have kept them on the run for years. When Nola accidentally magically witnesses a murder, it's time to run a little further, and a little faster. Only Nola can't ever leave well enough alone. She leaves a magical working intact in the town they've just left (something no witch worth her salt would ever do, but Nola's... Nola) and she's determined to go back. She's endangered herself and her mother for the last time with her magical snooping, she's going to learn to do better -- she swears. But Magic Can Be Murder -- especially if the murderer is trying to frame you for something you can't prove you haven't done UNLESS you're willing to be shown up as a witch.

An impossibly snarled storyline and a highly convenient romance make the ending a bit disappointing, but good for a quick summer read.

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