August 03, 2006

Helping kids face Fear

YA and children's author James Howe feels that kids need support in facing their fears. In a recent interview, Howe states that although his books at times go to a dark place, it's important to lead a reader "back to the light." Howe's popular Bunnicula series, about a vampire ...rabbit have been a favorite for younger readers for a long time. Howe's work for older readers, including The Misfits and Totally Joe, follow the same pattern: putting characters in situations that identify fears that we all face, including rejection, loneliness and being unloved, and helping the character and the reader find their way through.

Via Kid's Lit @ the Greenlake Library.


Seren said...

Bunnicula is the shiznit. Seriously.

TadMack said...

Isn't it? Love the classic message of "just accept people/bunnies as they are." Plus it's just funny.