August 09, 2006


My brain is laboring along, and it's taken me almost all day to get one chapter written. It's time to find out what else is going on in the writing world!

Publishers' Weekly has just put out their Autumn 2006 celebration of children's books. Daniel Handler's last of the Snicket books is due out this fall, as well as quite a few others... sadly, none of mine but hope springs eternal... maybe 2008?

The big news in the UK is that Babar the elephant is turning seventy-five. Never a big fan of talking animals, this commemoration has been somewhat lost on me, but the Guardian pokes snarky at the real story of Babar, the bits that don't get printed anymore, and other politically incorrect comic book characters of the past.

On a completely unrelated note, Wandering through NPR-land, I came across an interview of a book review by a former professor, whose books are DEFINITELY not for children, but whom I wish well in his ecstatic, slapboxing strange life...

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