August 07, 2006

The Dragon Chronicles: Flight of the Dragon Kyn

Flight of the Dragon Kyn is the backstory of the Kaeldra's ancestor, Kara. It is not as riveting because many elements of the story are known, but it is a well-written story regardless.

Kara is left for dead in a cave -- many different versions of the story exist, but everyone in the village agrees that somehow, someway, she found her way to her doorstep again, well and hale months later. Kara was regarded as a strange and miraculous child, but her place in her family was bartered away in exchange for many cattle to live in the King's palace. He wanted from her what all men of power wanted -- her to call down dragons. The only problem is, Kara's never seen a dragon, not that she remembers. All she can call to herself is birds. Kazan, a guest in the King's palace, also seems to want something from Kara. She is wary, disgusted, frightened, and treated like a princess -- slathered with jewels -- but watched closely, like a princess locked in a castle. Can she call dragons so she can go home? Should she? Will anyone ever just let her return to her parents again?

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