August 24, 2006

'The Boyfriend' Is In!

To begin with, may I just say that Noel is my Boyfriend List Boyfriend? And that I just about cried (really heavy sniffles, only one tissue = 'not really crying') when he did that thing he did, at the end of chapter fourteen? May I also say that I am thrilled to death that this book has a sequel??? Yay again, e. lockhart. I so approve.

15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver

That about covers it. There are fifteen guys on The Boyfriend List, which Ruby has to make up because Dr. Z, her Nicorette chewing therapist suggested it. And she's making the list, because she's having panic attacks. Major ones. Oh, and also? Because nobody at Tate Prep is really speaking to her. In the past ten days, she's lost all of her friends, all of them. Except for that one guy, who gave her gummi bears? But that was like in elementary. And he basically replaced her as gummi bear recipient the next week, practically. And he's ...weird. And he has gray teeth.

The thing is, Ruby's gotten a reputation for being... sort of slutty? But there's no reason for it except that her friends are mad at her. For no really good reason, either. I mean, she dated a guy and then her ex-best friend dated him too. And then he acted like he wanted to get back with her? But then he acted like them kissing at the dance was all her idea, right? And then there's the list... which people have read. Okay, which everybody has read.

Do you see why you need to read this book?
It's just like your life. Really.
Only... with footnotes.
And a really, REALLY cool guy named Noel.
And a cute guy who smells like nutmeg.

Oh, and it also has some good points about telling the truth, and feeling your feelings and not doing things just like your Mom does and other things that will make you sort of get thoughtful or freak out and scream, or kind of cry. A little. I can't tell you much more, I'll ruin it.

But just know: when you've finished reading it, you will say, "I can't wait 'til the sequel!"

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