February 14, 2013

Go Forth and Read!

Toon Thursday is officially postponed until next week, because today is CYBILS DAY and you should all be glorying in this year's fabulous winning titles and rushing to the library or bookstore or your chosen intertube-based reading material purchase depot to add the winners to your ever-growing TBR pile. (If your TBR pile is anything like mine, it's slowly engulfing your house like a ravenous amoeba.)

So, in the interests of book love and preventing TBR-pile-related disaster, go forth and read! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to those who observe it.


LinWash said...

For the first time ever, I've read quite a few of the nominated books. So, I'm pretty pleased with the selections. They're all very deserving.

tanita✿davis said...

So, so, SO many good wins. What a tough, tough year, but what a great-looking list! And now I feel justified in starting the sequel to THE FALSE PRINCE today - ☺☺☺