June 22, 2010

SAVE THE DATE: It's the Kidlit Con!

I resisted the cute photo of twins to represent the "Twin Cities" motif, but I couldn't hold back on the lake. Minnesota's state motto is "Land of Lakes" and that's where the butter comes from, people. You've gotta respect the butter.

And now there's this Kidlitosphere gathering there as well! Hosted by Andrew Karre (Carolrhoda), Ben Barnhart(Milkweed Editions), and Brian Farrey (Flux), this convention will be populated with smart, articulate book activists (to coin the Maureen Johnson phrase) like yourselves who want to talk about the future of YA lit, publishing, and how best to get out the word about great books - to kids, parents, schools, and more. There will be blogger-directed panels and discussions and debates and strategy sessions and photo ops, and possibly, just possibly, things made with butter. There will be Minneapolis, which I am assured by my friend Alex, is a Most Awesome City, especially in the gorgeous autumn. You won't want to miss it.

Your best source of information about the panels, topics, guests, costs and locations of the various KidlitCon features is at the OFFICIAL KIDLITCON BLOG. Sure, there's a Facebook page and lots of Twitter feeds, but if you want the real deal, coherently stated and organized, check the blog early and often. And if you think you can go -- say so now, using the words "Intent to Register" in the subject line, and receive a wee SuperEarlyBird discount.

Plan now to attend and celebrate the books that are at the heart of our community, and the bloggers and thinkers and writers and readers of the kidlitosphere. Save the date: KidlitCon 2010, coming in October!

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