June 08, 2010

Food for Thought and Free Books

No, I'm not giving away free books, although I probably should purge my done-reading piles sometime soon. It's actually a brand-new blog devoted entirely to middle-grade books and authors, and to celebrate their launch, they're having a fabulous giveaway--so go check out From the mixed-up files and enter to win NINE middle-grade books. You have until June 22nd!

Now, on to the food for thought. Just in case you were sick and tired of the next big vampire thang, done with dystopia and sick of steampunk, and wondering what the next hot YA theme might turn out to be, fret no more--io9 asks the critical question "What comes next after steampunk and zombies?" (I personally am unlikely to get sick of steampunk or dystopian books--I guess we all have our guilty pleasures--but vampires? Zombies? Meh.)

On a different topic, but still food for thought for us writers, is a series of blog posts to be posted this week on Ash author Malinda Lo's site covering the topic of how to avoid LGBTQ stereotypes in YA fiction. While today's post on Major LGBTQ Stereotypes didn't hold many surprises for me, I'm definitely interested in the rest of the series.

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Ethel Rohan said...

I so need to purge all my books too. They're taking over the house!!!