May 09, 2006

Timing, Timing

Can I just whine to the universe at large that A.Fortis chose the most awful time EVER to go on vacation!? I'm in a final edit! I need someone to hold my hand and bring me adverbs! How could A.F. leave me for some wall!?

Whinging aside, Locus has announced the winner of the first year for SFWA's Andre Norton Award, created to honor young adult SF/F novels and named in honor of the late SFWA Grand Master. While not technically a Nebula Award, it is voted on by members in the same way the Nebula Awards are, and the winner this year was Holly Black, one of the coolest YA SF writers I know. I really enjoyed her previous book Tithe, which I haven't written up for our sister site, and look forward to reading her latest.

Cross fingers for me - I'm hoping to send a mss. back to the editor this week for a final run-through. I'll let you know what happens next...

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Seren said...

Consider the fingers crossed. :)