May 07, 2006

Insult to Injury

Not only have I been relatively inactive posting lately, but I will be on hiatus for the next two weeks due to going on China.

I hope to find access to the internet while I'm there, and if I do, I'll try to post to my personal blog with news about our adventures.

I also wanted to note that I went back and re-read my post about momentum because, as it turns out, I needed to give myself that pep talk. My novel was finally sent back (after a polite reminder) by Margaret K. McElderry Books with a polite no, thanks. Sometimes, though, you need the rude kick in the pants of a rejection to give you that little extra bit of momentum to, say, think about yet another revision. Which is what I'll be thinking about during the 13-hour plane flight.

Adieu, and more anon.

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