September 28, 2007

A Weekend in Books

There was an article in the Guardian today about the unseasonably early snow in the Highlands, and Scottish ski resorts rejoicing.
I feel like I'll need to stack in the books and prepare for an autumn spent dashing indoors and reading. (Well, actually even if it was a consistent seventy-five, I'd be doing that anyway...)

The Chronicle has a plethora of children's autumn books, including the Mercy Watson series -- as the review says, how can you go wrong with a pig in a pink tutu? Non-fiction gets a nod, as photographer's biographies are highlighted. Chronicle staff writer Reyhan Harmanci does her usual thorough job of reviewing for YA, this time on taking Sherman Alexie's newest. Unlike most YA novels, she says that success in this one doesn't equal a happy ending, and in Alexies's usual m.o., he doesn't hold back on the details.

More common here than in the States, Jasper Fforde's books are a central part of the comic literary canon. Here's a review of his sequel to The Eyre Affair, and a few more in the fantastic fiction genre that should interest.

PS - This is a rare plug for adult fiction - the title, One Drop piqued my interest, and the book was featured on NPR's Fresh Air. Imaging being twenty-four and finding out that your father has an African American heritage that he never claimed. Would that make a difference? Does race really matter? It looks to be interesting reading.

And now back to my book!

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