September 23, 2007

Thrown to the Lions... er, Dragons

It's a normal Poetry Slam -- Paul thinks so, anyway. He, of course, strides in, shows off his good looks, reels off some of the poetry his Granddad taught him, and make away with a pretty girl.

Another night in the life, right?

And a pretty girl comes -- she's really pretty, this one -- stunning, in fact. And she's amazingly insistent, grabbing his arm and saying he should come outside with her. Paul is just about having to shove back giggles, he's so pleased with himself. He goes outside, tries to nudge her toward a dark corner, but she's not having any of that. She wants him right in the middle of the courtyard. She stands close to him -- And that's just about where everything starts to go startlingly... wrong.

See, Paul's not just a poet in his own mind anymore. He's not even a poet in his own neighborhood. He's not in the neighborhood. He's in some Kingdom Far, Far Away, and now he's ... a bard. And he's been kidnapped. By a Court Sorceress. And she claims there's a real need for fresh talent in the poetry department in the kingdom, time to bring in some new blood. Emphasis on the words "fresh" and "blood."

Of course, the Sorceress works for a King. Of course, the King she works for only happens to be a poetry obsessed ...dragon king.

Suddenly being a heartthrob poet isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Foiling the Dragon
is a quick, funny read with a wry twist at the end that will leave you smiling.

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