September 18, 2007

Checking In...

I just found out that I'm slow and apparently I missed the deadline to register for Teen Read Week (this year's theme is Laugh Out Loud - LOL - and don't miss the awesome-looking website). Via Jen Robinson's Book Page comes all the info.

In Cybils news, the 2007 website is taking shape, and for the next couple of weeks on the Cybils blog you can read introductions to all the category organizers, including yours truly (as if you didn't get enough of me already! Hee!). And, on a side note (but a relevant one, since I'm organizing the Graphic Novels category), a friend forwarded me a link to boldtype, whose current issue #47 is all about comics, though not YA-specific (in fact, several of them are most definitely NOT YA...).

Okay...last but not least, I have a highly amusing Most Egregious Misuse to entertain you all. I was driving around town running errands, when I drove past a jewelry pawnshop I've driven past probably a million times; but I'd never closely read the sign in the window before, which said (emphasis added):


Okay, so it could have been an unintentional spelling error. But still. It was those sticky letters that you stick onto glass windows. You'd think they would double-check first.

And I feel compelled to point out that, NO, I was not running errands at the pawnshop. This particular strip mall is located at a busy downtown corner and contains a pawnshop, a notary, a palm reader, and a Chinese restaurant. And I was not going to any of them. I was driving past. I swear.

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