September 11, 2007

Tad + Mitchell L.= True Love

Now that we are settling into our 'flat' in Scotland, I made a point of making sure I could find the essentials. I am thrilled to be sitting in one of the most awesome libraries ever -- six floors, two 'lifts,' a café. The Mitchell Library boasts the largest collection of archival works in Europe... and the smallest YA and children's section I've seen in awhile.


THAT'S, about to change.

I'm pretty sure the Interlibrary Loan people are going to be shocked very soon at the volume of books being requested, but I hope to find that, like at my library in the States, it eventually expands the collection. I saw a class of children crammed into the tiny corner that made up the Middle Grade/chapter books, and I thought good things at their teacher for bringing them, even though the place was quite small, and she was more than a little bit harried with so many children in such a small space. (And it's remarkable how the words "And put that back RIGHT NOW" come out so very clearly, despite whatever accent or brogue.)

I have been to two libraries in Glasgow now, and though the one in Hillhead is very well stocked, there was only one person sitting and reading. I've only ever seen one kid voluntarily reading since I arrived, except for magazines. There is a big grant and a push going to get Scotland reading... what a great time to be here, no? Because I can surely lend some enthusiasm.

Six floors. I am so in love...


Jen Robinson said...

I have no doubt at all that you'll leave your mark on Scotland, in increased reading rates for kids.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Hurrah for you, Tadmack! I look forward to reading of your adventures ahead of you.

Sara said...

Hi, TadMack! Good to hear you survived the trip and ran straight to the library. That's what I would've done. Report on that cafe, too. What do they serve, any cool Scottish treats? And do they let you bring library books in there while you munch? Inquiring minds (who are addicted to eating and reading at the same time) want to know.

TadMack said...

Report on the café to follow shortly!! And yes, I see people reading and eating and web surfing -- what a civilized society!

(Only, don't plug in your laptop where a librarian could trip. You'll get chewed out in the NICEST, most dulcet tones imaginable.)

a. fortis said...

Love those photos!

And, eating and reading at the same time--definitely on my list of favorite leisure activities!! If you add a cup of coffee in there, too, I'm in heaven!