July 31, 2007

Graphic Novels... more graphic than usual?

Our girl Gina from AmoXcalli was at ComicCon, which got me thinking about all things graphic. Okay, actually, when I read yesterday that um... an "adult" (obviously, I'm not a big enough grown-up for THAT one) film star has been hired to star in her own comic, I sort of ... felt it was a badly tagged on 'PS' to the whole ComicCon vibe. Admittedly, graphic novels have been sort of a "Hmm" subject for me because of the whole idea of comic books -- perfect bodies (someone's dream of perfect, routinely delving deeply into the territory of 'ridiculous') clad in spandex; no one flawed, fat or ugly except for bad guys or victims; objectification of women as victims or buxom-n-brainless - with a disturbing helplessness, etc, etc,. I was really glad that we covered graphic novels with the Cybils; they really can be a useful (for teaching), viable and very fun thing for teens, and I was privileged to enjoy some of the Cybil-nominated graphic novels when AF was finished with them -- but some of what I've seen in the mainstream from some pretty big-name graphic novel/comic book companies is really... really... sexist.

Interestingly, others are speaking up about this topic of women in graphic novels. Take a look at this fascinating article -- and follow the links, which will reveal even more thought-provoking, strange and amusing bizarreness than I even realized. I look forward to reading more in the series.
Sigh. Remember Winnie from The Wonder Years? Just another reason why she's still totally cooler than me.

Intelligent conversation continues over at Alkelda's. I think I like the Mars idea very, very, VERY much. And frankly? There's almost no such thing as taking a story "too seriously." I agree...

Via Shaken & Stirred, we present the PLAIN Janes Riot Grrrl Graphic Novel Tribute Quiz!

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Brain Jayne

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I hope there's more from Brain Jayne in the next issue - I actually really liked her and her quiet ideas!


Erin said...

Theatre Jane
To you, "all the world?s a stage" is not just a silly phrase; it?s how you live your life. You believe in expressing your emotions and keeping a smile on your face -- especially if that means cheering up your BFF. If life were a giant Technicolor musical, you?d finally feel complete. But while you?re waiting for that to happen, at least you have your friends by your side to act out all your happiest dramas.

That was fun!!

Disco Mermaids said...

I must say, I've got a crush on Winnie all over again.

- Jay

C.K. said...

The Girls Read Comics and They're Pissed blog does an awesome job of shining a light on the sexism in comics on a regular basis:


Speaking of comics, did you catch sight of that old sex ed issue of Spiderman?


Little Willow said...

Danica rocks.

Yay for Brain - My results too.