June 05, 2015

Mid-Afternoon Funnies: The Forever Girls

Okay, so Rapunzel might be a leeetle over-honest -- I mean, come on, if you'd lived by yourself in a tower and had people climbing your hair all the time, you might be apt to blurt and duck more often than not, no? And Alice... well... she gives new meaning to the word "vague," as she tends to kind of wander... mentally. The Little Mermaid can't hang out much, what with the whole must-stay-in-water thing, and Snow White appears to have a pigmentation difference and is worryingly surrounded by birds (which must be potty trained. Right?????). We haven't really met the rest of the girls yet, but they seem like they'd be so fun to hang out with, don't they?

Dude, unicorn horns can do ANYTHING.

Meanwhile, the cartoonists remind us to stay tuned, 'cause there's more to come.

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