May 01, 2014

Toon Thursday: Wheel of Dystopias!

Hey, kids! Do you want to write a hot debut dystopian novel? Do you long to chronicle the exploits of technologically advanced yet sadly trapped Dome People and the gritty, valiant outsiders who scrabble for existence on the ruined and disease-ridden earth? Then spin the wheel! Soon you'll be writing the next big novel and raking in those movie adaptation dollars! (*Note: Writer's Toolkit does not guarantee any success of any kind! We made it all up!)


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Also there is the "genetically, surgically, and/or bionically altered for special powers by sinister authorities with ulterior motives" subset.

Sarah Stevenson said...

YES. Jeez. Forgot that one. (It was actually kind of challenging to fit this idea into a spin-the-wheel format...I will probably do another similar cartoon but with more of a Mad Libs feel.)