February 03, 2011

Kids Lit Is Moving

Erm, no, I'm not talking about the entire world of kids lit moving, perhaps winging its way to some new utopian planet where everyone reads children's and YA books instead of declaring war on one another. (Although, honestly, I can't find too many problems with that scenario.) I'm just warning you that Tasha Saecker's long-running blog Kids Lit will soon become Waking Brain Cells and moving to a new URL. In fact, posts are already going up, so don't miss out!

And, well...aside from that brief interlude, I'm afraid I'm pretty quiet today. If it's morning, I'm probably working on the computer. If it's afternoon as you read this, I'm visiting teens at Gregori High School to talk about my book and about writing. If it's evening, I've probably crashed from exhaustion on the couch. It is one of those weeks. THOSE weeks. You know. But, if you're looking for entertainment, you could check out the latest post by new Guys Lit Wire contributor Chris Barton on "Dear 'Dear Teen Me,'" featuring links to some pretty awesome entries to the Dear Teen Me website. Warning: your reading list may grow.


tanita✿davis said...

Oh, good catch - meant to mention that!! It's awesome Tash got a new job, though. That's going around!

Camille said...

She got a new job?
I'm behind. Again.