August 03, 2010

They're Just Asking To Be Eaten.

"Because the bottom line is this: the book empowers women yes, but ONLY certain types of girls, not all of them. And I am sick and tired of books that associate girls that are self-confident and beautiful with being shallow and superficial and deserving of bad things happening to them. SICK AND TIRED."

Whoa. Not all is well in fairytale retelling land, which is a big fat massive disappointment. The Book Smuggler's are reviewing Jackson Pearce's Sisters Red. Check it out.

Hat tip to Trisha at the YAYAYA's (who is seriously jonesing for the next book in the Chaos Walking series. I feel like a book dealer, since *I* have it, and it's not out in the U.S. yet. [Nyah-nyah.] Since I'm currently on a writing jag, I haven't yet read it - and in solidarity, perhaps I'll wait 'til September. Perhaps).

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Neener neener, I have it too! (An ARC, thanks to Colleen.) And thanks for reminding me, since I need to write up a review for GLW... to-do list is going to eat me alive!