August 16, 2010

So, remember that one Facebook/blog meme...

...where you were supposed to submit a chunk of your writing to the Internets and they did some tricky magical comparisons and allegedly told you who you wrote like? So, yeah. I did it. And I apparently write like HP Lovecraft, which is a source of untold confusion, since the piece I submitted was just blog verbiage and not at all related to fantastical science fiction from, like, the era of magical steampunk mystical stuff.

But, now that I've seen this - which is a boiled down take on Lovecraft's The Call of the Cthulhu? I'm thinkin' yeah. I write just like that.

Hat tip to SF Signal for this hilariously concise yet imprecise little snippet, and serious props to The Brothers Grim and Grimy for their love of reading and Pratchett.


Sarah Stevenson said...

I plugged the same blog post into I Write Like on two different days--one day I was James Joyce and one day I was David Foster Wallace. So, yeah.

I did find some interesting reading about that site, though:

david elzey said...

you know what? with the exception of the ending spoiler, that is what a book trailer should look like. i think i'm-a gonna have to blog about that.