November 25, 2009

Tuning in Momentarily...Yet Again...

Okay, honestly, I have this review post just waiting for me to actually enter it, the only thing stopping me being the fact that I dictated it into a digital voice recorder while I was on the exercise bike, hoping to save time, and am now realizing that perhaps I have made this endeavor take even LONGER. (It is a ludicrous scenario! I know! Do not laugh! Okay, laugh.) Anyway. Sometime in the next couple of days I'm putting up a reviews roundup. For now, please enjoy this audio interlude.

If you've never listened to the podcasts of Bat Segundo (aka Ed of Ed Rants), now's a good time to check it out--the latest installment is an interview with notable kidlit personage Laurel Snyder, author of Any Which Wall and Inside the Slidy Diner. She's got some interesting and highly amusing things to say about, among other things, intrusive authorial narrators and eating spaghetti without a fork. Click on the fabulous adorable bat graphic (sorry, Ed, but I have a bat "thing" and HAD to nab it) to check it out.

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