November 30, 2009

Stay Tuned for Umpteen Million Reviews

OH, my lands.
The Devil's Lexicon.
Sarah Rees Brennan rocks.

Many, many books being read. Not so many reviews being written.
Will get back to it... soon.

Meanwhile, Farida's short story will be published in the debut edition of The Enchanted Conversation -- for money. How exciting is that? They're not open to new submissions for their next issue just yet, but keep checking back, writers of fairytales and get your Q&A on with their guidelines!


Sarah Stevenson said...

I have a couple to post myself...but will probably tune in with a few random notes in the meantime. :)

Charlotte said...

Devil's Lexicon is perhaps the only book I've enjoyed in a pleasure reading way that has a supremely unsympathetic hero.

And at this point the pile of books to review is larger than the pile of books remaining to be read, so I feel daunted all over again...

Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks for mentioning Enchanted Conversation and my short story!