September 17, 2009

Thursday Twitter-tacular

An enormous number of fantastic links have appeared in my Twitter feed this morning, so I thought I'd share them here. I was going to post a couple of reviews, but I guess that'll wait until tomorrow!

Firstly, via Jen Robinson, Laini Taylor's newest Dreamdark novel, Silksinger, is scheduled for publication today. Hooray, Laini!

Mitali talks about the importance of books mirroring one's own experience as critical to self-acceptance while growing up, and to increased self-knowledge as an adult.

Have you seen Afrogeek Mom and Dad?? Today they post about teaching comics in a college class. How cool are these guys? (And how much do I want to take that class???) (Thanks to Susan at Chicken Spaghetti for the link!)

Via the Neil-man himself, a new short story contest--alas, only for already-published writers in the UK and Ireland, but get a load of the judging slate!! Nick Hornby? A.S. Byatt? Hanif Kureishi?? Holy Jebus.

Lastly, a little bit of fun thinking back to the good old days when my mom read aloud to me...over at Booklights, Mother Reader talks about favorite read-aloud chapter books, and invites you to post about your faves, too.

Back tomorrow with reviews!


tanita✿davis said...


I faint at their very coolness.

Susan Thomsen said...

Afro Geek Mom and Dad are new to me. Aren't they great! I think I read about them at Color Online. Then I went to visit and was like OMG a college professor who teaches comics? How cool.

tanita✿davis said...

BTW, did you draw that bird, Sarah?

Sarah Stevenson said...

Wish I could say I did, but nope--I got it at Clip Art Etc, which is a great site.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

thanks for the round up!