March 23, 2009

One Shot Recs Coming Soon!

Our resident genius planner, Colleen at Chasing Ray, has something fun in store for this Wednesday the 25th, so stay tuned--it's a special edition of One Shot Reading Recommendations, and the theme is "Over the Fence"--what books would YOU pass along to your friends, gush about, and insist they read until you're blue in the face and they're absolutely sick of you? Now's your chance to gush away. Don't miss it.

Now, a few links to amuse and entertain and enlighten: for book enthusiasts who can't get enough, there's not only a Wintergirls trailer on YouTube for you, but also an official Paisley Hanover website with all sorts of Flash-based fun. (Thanks to the folks at Penguin Putnam for the links.) And if you're a fan of book trailers, there's a handy-dandy archive at JacketFlap that also includes interviews with authors and other cool stuff.

Do NOT miss this really fascinating op-ed from about a high-school English teacher who uses Watchmen--the graphic novel--in his classroom, and how students in his class and other teachers are responding to it (here's a hint: it's working out great!). I'm always happy to see quality graphic literature not only recognized as such, but introduced to young readers who might be able to use it as an entry point for other great literature, graphic or traditional.

And, speaking of the graphic novel format--and artists who've used it--another don't-miss is the 7-Imps' fabulous interview with Dave McKean, who is at least partially responsible for me picking up my first Sandman comic at age, oh, fourteen or so. I am a huge fan, and his work makes me want to cry. Go look at the interview, even if all you do is scroll through for the amazing pictures he kindly provided. The man is a genius. Such a genius that I think I have to end there and go ponder his amazingness. Cripes.

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