October 27, 2006

The Genius of Pratchett: Wintersmith

Poor Tiffany Aching has finally gotten the hang -- a bit -- of her life. She knows she's basically going to work to be a witch, because that's what witching is -- Work. It's being the Wise Woman when one is needed, being the herbalist, when someone sick needs the brewing of tea, it's visiting the elderly, cleaning up, and making cheese. There's just not that much more to it than that, except the Boffo, which is kind of necessary. Other than that, that's it - no dancing around in one's underdrawers. No flashing and crackling lights. Just... sort of serving others, and using the broom to get around long distances.

Tiffany would be okay with that, really. Mostly. It's just that, life when you're thirteen is sort of complicated unintentionally. For one thing, there's boys. Only, Tiffany... hasn't attracted an average boy. She's gotten a minor deity all in a lather over her. Or, rather, all in an avalanche, maybe... TheWintersmith is who's crushing on Tiffany. And he's ... winter. Blizzards and avalanches and freezing cold and icicles. And his crush is pretty heavy.

Summer's ticked off at her, Winter's chasing her, and Tiff's going to need to think fast to get herself through the mess she made, and onward to Spring. Good thing she's got her friends, her Granny Weatherwax, Mrs. Ogg, and a lot of nasty little blue men to help her.

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