October 09, 2006

Bet You Missed Me!

Thank God it's Monday and all the partying is over. I go away for a long and torturous wedding weekend (Sister of the Bride and Coordinator of Darn-Near-All -- how the heck did that happen!?) and there's so much I've missed!

First, Yay for Jay at Disco Mermaids. There was a bidding war for his novel, and he's a happy, happy man... Via Book Buds, a funny new website called Three Silly Chicks is hosting a contest for a book giveaway. This blog is dedicated to books of humor, which is really fun. Meanwhile, Bookshelves of Doom rightly mocks the charm-free prose stylings of Kylie Minogue's Showgirl Princess, which sounds awfully like a horse's name, only her book doesn't have the ability to jump that high, or be nearly as entertaining... And speaking of entertaining, Mother Reader, dead batteries, the National Book Festival and Mo Willems makes for quite a funny read.

Via Wands and Worlds, the last of the hilarious Vile Videos are up. Sing along with the cue cards, kids! The End is nigh... Friday the 13th!

NPR reported this weekend that though author Daniel Pinkwater's novel won't be out until next April, since August, he's been posting a new chapter of The Neddiad online every Tuesday! The book includes "swashbuckling actors, omniscient shamans, hungry ghosts, mysterious turtles, and an elephant or two," which sounds promising. What's posted is Pinkwater's his actual manuscript - with a few typos and all, but what a great way to get readers excited!

Another giveaway of YA books, listen up! Via E. Lockhart's blog -- the fabulous people at YA Books Central are having a drawing by Oct. 31 to give away 10 copies of The Boy Book! Just click on the link, answer a simple (but fun) question, and you're in the drawing.

And finally, just because it's cool, check out the Garden Bubble Cam. During daylight hours, you can push a button on your keyboard, and make the bubble machine work, miles away in South Florida. The site tells you how/why it works.

Happy Monday!


Musing said...

Thanks for the links, especially the Three Silly Chicks. :-)

Anne said...

Anne from Book Buds here. Many thanks for the link! I also have a contest going on, and it's outta this world ...

a. fortis said...

I love Daniel Pinkwater. I remember reading Lizard Music repeatedly as a child. Thanks for the link!