July 12, 2006

We interrupt this summer to say...

Hey! Fuse#8 pointed out that The 48 Hour Book Challenge was briefly featured on the School Library Journal. How cool is that? Thanks again Motherreader for a great idea. I feel I was a part of history... Maybe next year I'll actually do a better job of clearing the weekend and read a decent amount of books!

It's a quiet week on the book front. Secret Agent Man has "summer hours," as all of the houses do. No work on Fridays, lots of martini lunches... ahh, the good life. (Or something.) All a poor writer has to do is ... read ... (which I have been doing in volumes, and scaring my local librarians!)... AND, fortunately, write fun stuff without worries about edits! I'm looking forward with great excitement (okay, and also a little hysteria, it's the heat) to joining in the Flickr Fiction. You're invited to drop by my fiction blog Fridays and see all the stories. Mine will likely stick to the YA genre, but the others don't necessarily have genre limitations. It's an awesome chance to flex some underused flash fiction muscles and maybe get some story starters in the bargain. Join in!

Happy Wednesday!

ps - Hang in there, A.F. See you when its over...

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