July 10, 2006


Really, you've got to love a world where there are people crazy enough to pay $9,050 for a paperback, YA fantasy novel. I know the movie is going to be released this December (A good thing? A bad thing?) but poor Christopher Paolini's head just must be spinning at the amount bid for a first edition copy of Eragon. $9,050.

I've read the first two Paolini books, and I don't know... they were solid fantasy, but I'm just not as crazy about them as the surrounding hype seems to be. I was pleased that the author was young and coming from his own love of the genre to do it justice, but it's all just blown up so wildly it makes me a little nervous for him.

Fame. Fortune. Children's authorship.
Now, which one of these doesn't seem to belong?!


Adrian Harper said...

I don't know, I am sorely tempted to put dragon wearing glasses on the cover of my next YA novel

TadMack said...

At least it's vaguely close to your genre... an angsty YA novel about cooking really wouldn't do the dragon justice... Sigh

Little Willow said...

I was unimpressed by Eragon.

My favorite literary dragons are Falkor from The NeverEnding Story by Michael Ende and Fiddlestick from Strangewood by Christopher Golden.