July 10, 2006

Another Child of the Night

Vivian isn't like all the other girls at her Maryland high school.
Correction: Vivian isn't like any of the girls at her Maryland high school.
That's because she's one of the loup-garoux, which is kind of like being part of a family, but is much more like being the member of a pack of wolves. Vivian does want the same things other girls want, however: acceptance, friends, and someone who knows all about her, but loves her anyway. Someone, preferably, outside of the pack, who have been a leaderless, infighting, squabbling mess since her father died and they had to leave their West Virginia home.

Viv thinks she's found someone to love in Aiden, a boy who writes poetry about werewolves, and is sweet and blind to Vivian's animal side. But the pack isn't happy -- not her immature and flirtatious mother, Esme, not her ex-boyfriend Rafe, not Gabe, the newest packleader, and her mother's former beau. Soon Vivian is in over her head, and then no one is happy, least of all Vivian herself.

Annette Curtis Klause has already sold the movie rights to Blood and Chocolate and Cynsations carries a great author interview with her.

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